Native english lessons in bucharest


About Me

My name is Samantha Teasdale. Originally from the UK, I moved to Romania with my husband, dog and small daughter, Anna, in 2012. Previously from a Customer Relations, PR and Marketing background, I qualified as a TEFL Teacher in 2010 and since then have had the wonderful opportunity to teach English to countless Romanian children and adults. Just as my family has grown since moving here (I now have 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat!), so has my love for this country and its people and I’m proud to call Bucharest, Romania my home. 


About Native English School

The idea for Native English School was born from my own personal experience of schooling my two bilingual children in the Romanian education system. Although the Romanian system achieves excellent results, it offers little or no exposure to native English and this can influence the student’s accent and pronunciation when speaking English. 

Native English School is exactly what the name suggests - a place where you can come to learn English with a native. A place where you can fully immerse yourself in the language through engaging, energetic and exciting lessons, clubs or activities and truly learn how to pronounce and speak English like a native.


Engaging. Exciting. Energetic. English.

Native English School believes that when we immerse ourselves in a new language this is when we truly learn and that is why we have tailored different lessons, clubs and activities to suit every age and every level and style of learner.

Along with preparing students for the Cambridge exams, Native English School also follows the Genki English program, a TEFL teaching model that has been featured on TEDx, is Harvard University researched and British Council endorsed, and has taught millions of children around the World to retain new words and learn English fast!

Our mission is to bring the classroom to life through fun and memorable lessons and activities, ensuring a fast and effective method of English language learning.