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We want our students to stand out from the crowd and that is why, along with English lessons, we now offer a whole host of new language programs, instructed by Native International Teachers, using unique methods and materials that you won’t find anywhere else!


Recorder Choir (Blockflute)

The recorder (or blockflute) is a very popular instrument. It is also one of the oldest instruments as it was first documented in Europe in the Middle Ages, and continued to enjoy wide popularity in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Nowadays, it is widely used as a music teaching tool because it has a clear and sweet sound with notes that are very easy for children to learn. In as little as 2 weeks students will be able to play easy songs and progress over time to a variety of more complex songs from different genres such as pop, rock and classical music.

The are many benefits for students who participate in this program, and below we list some of the potential outcomes:

• improved breathing
• become more focused and organised
• learn how to work in teams
• make friends
• At the end of the first level beginners program children will know most of the notes, will be able to sight read an easy musical score, be able to keep a basic and simple rhythm and have a small repertoire of beginner songs.
• At the end of the second level intermediate program, students will know more and more musical notes, be able to play more complex pieces and also will acquire interpretation skills.
• During the third and last level students will get more into music and will be able to play any pieces they want to, sight reading will be greatly improved, and more focus will be placed on the interpretation part.

About the Teacher

Cristina, currently completing her master’s degree at the National University of Music Bucharest, has over 10 experience performing and teaching recorder and flute.

Ages: 5-13 years

Duration: 1 hour per week (Beginner level: 7 months, Intermediate level: 7-9 months, Advanced level: no fixed duration)

Language of instruction: Dual instruction English and/or Romanian

Price: 50 lei plus VAT per hour

Class Size: max 10 students

Requirement: Students must bring their own recorder to class (recorders can be purchased for as little as 10-20 euros).

Class times: Tuesday 4-5pm.