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Cambridge preparation courses 7+ yo & Teen Ted courses 13+ yo

Students who choose to study one of our Cambridge preparation courses will progress through the Cambridge assessment scale each new year and even every 6 months in some cases and this is due to the design of our lessons and the methods we use and the teaching style.

We are also one of the few, if not the only centre in Romania using the Ted Talk Software for teens – the software is designed to get maximum results on a wide range of thought provoking topics, through the power of storytelling.

About the programs
All children programs run in small groups of 6-8 students (ONLINE) or 8-10 students (OFFLINE)

Cambridge preparation courses 7+ yo

In our Cambridge Preparation lessons, although we are using the best Cambridge Workbooks in class, we are not just following these books like all the other centres or schools do. We are using them as a framework for our lessons and expanding on the topics covered in each lesson with fun and interactive individual or group competitive games, every lesson being packed with lots of group discussion and debate. This is to ensure that the students are not just learning the academics of English to pass the Cambridge exams but that they are learning how to think and express themselves in English both inside the classroom and outside, in the real world. This is ultimately our main goal and the main objective for the students and their parents.

Age: over 7 yo

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: 2 times a week or 120 minutes once a week

Price: 67 RON +VAT/hour


Cambridge courses offered: Our World, Fun for Starters, Fun for Movers, Fun for Flyers, Key for Schools, PET, FCE, CAE.

Please note, for online courses, there is no additional cost for Cambridge preparation materials as they are provided free of charge. For offline courses there is an additional charge for Cambridge preparation materials, the costs of which depend on the course studied.

Teen Ted courses 13+ yo

Ted Talks and National Geographic got together to create an innovative English language learning software, designed to get maximum results in minimal  time, through the power of storytelling on a wide range of thought-provoking real-world topics. The series includes 40 topics over 4 levels, with each level taking around 32 hours to complete.

Great ideas stimulate learning and inspire great communication and TED Talks Learn English program brings the power of ideas into the classroom to help learners find their own voice in English to become successful global citizens and future business leaders. It’s all about real people, real places and real language. With speakers from all around the globe, this groundbreaking program will empower students not only to speak and understand English spoken with many different accents but also to understand different cultures, customs, thoughts and ideas. 

Age: 13-17 yo

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: 2 times a week or 120 minutes once a week

Details: approx. 4 months for completing each level

Price: 67 RON +VAT/hour

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