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The Clubhouse

International Education. 21st Century Skills. A Unique Approach To Learning.

Future World leaders aren’t born, they are made.

It is our vision to provide all students, no matter their age, background or personal circumstances, access to an international education and the 21st Century communication skills needed to become global citizens of the future.

We want our students to stand out from the crowd and that is why, along with English lessons, we now offer a whole host of new language programs, instructed by Native International Teachers, using unique methods and materials that you won’t find anywhere else!

Personal & Professional Development

Crafting with Hama Beads

Let your child fly into Hama’s universe, where princes, pirates, princesses, elephants, dragons, dogs, parrots and numbers are waiting in a creative play with beads.

Hama is a creative game which allows children to learn as they play. The club will inspire building ideas with hands-on activities to create Hama Beads products that promote imagination, using a variety of templates, making presents for their dear ones or just nice crafts to take home and enjoy.

Hama Beads is a club for children who enjoy arts and crafts. In this club the children will have the chance to create their own objects (such as hearts, princes, pirates, animals) and they will develop their practical skills and creativity while making various crafts.

About the Teacher

Claudia, born in Bucharest, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations and has over 10 years international school teaching experience, having worked as both a Teaching Assistant and Primary School Teacher in Bucharest. She also holds a pedagogical certificate for teaching the Cambridge system for Primary School aged children and loves combining her teaching expertise with her passion for crafting.

Ages: 6-12 yrs

Duration: 1 hour per week

Language of instruction: Dual instruction English and/or Romanian

Price: 60 lei plus VAT per hour

Class Size: max 15 students

Class times: Monday or Wednesday 4:15-5:15 pm and 5:30-6:30pm.