I’m sure you wonder why go to a school at all when there are so many wonderful ways to learn English online? Well here are seven great reasons why your English will improve quickly by coming to class.

1. You are motivated

We all know how easy it is to make plans to study but it can be very difficult to actually find the time to sit down to study. Life gets in the way! There’s always another episode on Netflix to watch, an email to write, a cup of coffee to make…..However when you join a class you commit to being there at a specific time for a specific period of time with a specific group of people all working toward the same goal – Improving your English. Regular study will make a huge difference to your progress.

2. Think on your feet

In class you have to speak on the spot. Your teacher or a classmate asks a question and you have to give them an answer – then and there. There is no escape!  So you are constantly practicing your listening and fluency skills and help is there  with a word or structure you need. You are putting the English you know into practice.

3. Instant feedback

You can immediately tell if your partner has understood you.  If not, you can repeat what you said in a different way. Perhaps you pronounced it incorrectly? Is your vocabulary too formal?  Your teacher is at hand to correct your mistakes and explain how to express yourself  clearly and naturally in English. And give you different ways of saying the same thing.

4. You are comfortable

You are in a class with people who have the same English level as you. So you feel more confident and it is easier to speak and understand each other. You are all in the same boat, everyone makes mistakes but you are there to learn from them. Actually, you  learn as much from your classmates’ mistakes as you do from your own. So listen up and take notes!

5.Practical English

As well as working on the ‘mechanics’ of the language: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc you practice real- life situations through role plays,debates,interviews, making presentations etc. You collaborate in English on projects- expressing your ideas and responding to other people’s opinions.

6. International English

The ratio of non-native speakers of English to native speakers in the world is about 5:1,  so a lot of your conversations at work and on your travels will be with non-native speakers. In class you have the opportunity to get used to various accents – Spanish, French, German, Japanese and so on. So while you are learning English in Ireland with native speakers you are also becoming familiar with international English.

7. Have fun and Make Friends

You might be surprised how much fun you have in class! With a balance of modern communicative exercises you will find it easier than you thought to learn grammar and vocabulary. Learning in class and interacting with other people brings the language alive – it won’t feel like work.Making new friends through English will give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and keeping in touch with them after your course will motivate you to continue using your English. If you come and study in an English -speaking country ,you have the added benefit of socializing outside class as well.


Life gets in the way – idiom something unexpected happens which takes your time so you can’t do other things you had planned to do.

Think on your feet–  idiom. to think and react quickly without planning what to say before ( speak on the spot)

Your teacher is at hand – your teacher is near/beside you

All in the same boat idiom all in the same situation – all students are at the same level with the same goals

Get used to various accents – become familiar with non-native English ways of speaking and pronouncing English

Brings the language alive –idiom  make something more real and interesting.

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