Can you tell me more about Native English School?

Native English School is exactly what the name suggests – a place where children, teens and adults can come to learn English with a native speaker teacher.

Lessons take place in a virtual classroom, where each student can fully immerse themselves in the language through engaging, energetic and exciting lessons packed with fun songs, games and grammar activities. Each lesson plan is created specifically for each student’s level of learning, to enable the maximum level of retention in the most optimum length of time, all whilst learning to pronounce and speak English like a native, with a native!

All our teachers have a British or American accent, have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience and hold one or more international diploma or teacher certificates such as Teaching Degree, CELTA, TEFL, TESOL.

Will it be difficult to learn English if the teacher does not speak my native language?

When we teach our children to speak in our native language, we do not get bogged down in grammar rules and explanations, we simply speak naturally to them and they effortlessly learn the language by reading our body language, gestures and facial expressions when we communicate.
Native English School uses this same technique in teaching our students to learn English. Our tailored program uses research proven materials, games and activities to fully immerse our students in the language ensuring that they retain new words and learn English quickly and with ease. In this style of learning there is no need to give lengthy grammar rules and explanations, the language is learned in communicative constructions and physical responses that are easy to understand and ready to use!

What are the methods and materials you use to teach English?

Along with preparing students for the Cambridge exams such as Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET and beyond using Oxford University Press, National Geographic and Cambridge materials, Native English School also uses revolutionary state of the art software programs such as National Geographic learning with Ted Talks (helping each student to find their voice in English), Jolly Phonics and Genki English (a TEFL teaching model that have been featured on TEDx, is Harvard University researched and British Council endorsed) to ensure all our students from around the World have the confidence to retain new words and learn English fast!

How quickly can I expect to speak English?

If your child is a beginner of English you will notice that your child will begin to communicate within the first 1 – 5 sessions (depending on the character of the child), with noticeable improvements after 1 – 3 months and significantly noticeable improvements after around 5 months of lessons (based on 2 hours per week).

As your child advances through our program they will move from focusing on listening and speaking skills, to being able to introduce themselves, know a wide range of age appropriate vocabulary, answer questions and use phrases, read, write and express opinions in English, all with the aim of preparing your child for the Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers examinations and the World beyond.
For adults, this process is usually faster.

Will I receive feedback on progress?

Our teachers will provide you with feedback on your child’s language journey at the
end of each completed course.
For adults, this feedback will take place in class.

Are previous English language skills required in order to join the program?

All students for age 3 to adults can join the program. Previous English language skills are not required.

Can parents attend during lessons?

Yes it is possible for you to attend the session but only as an observer. It is recommended however to trust our teachers to guide your child through the educational process without your assistance. In our experience we have found that children relax and work better when mum or dad are not around to watch how they perform as they can become nervous and afraid to speak up in case they make a mistake!!

How do you determine which program is right for the current level of language?

Each student’s level of proficiency will be determined by the teacher in the first evaluation session.

Do you offer private lessons?

No. All our lessons are group sessions of a maximum of 6 – 8 students of the same proficiency level. In our experience we have found that students work better in a group because they make friends with their colleagues and participate better in a fun and dynamic environment where the teacher can do individual and group learning activities as required.

Who are your teachers?

All our teachers are Native English speakers, with a minimum of 2 years experience and who hold one or more international diploma or teacher certificates such as Teaching Degree, CELTA, TEFL, TESOL.
Our teachers have a British or American accent and regularly participate in ongoing professional development training courses in order to keep up to date with the latest teaching methods and materials.

Can I talk to the teacher directly to discuss how my child is doing in class?

If you have a specific question for the teacher we prefer that you email the administrator and the teacher can provide feedback on email. This ensures that the child’s lesson time is not restricted because of parent/teacher conferences during class.

If the material given to your child is too difficult / too easy, our administrator will contact you and give the teacher’s recommendations regarding the level change / additional tasks that you can do with your child together to help with consolidation of learning.

How many programs/levels do you have?

We currently have several programs/levels to choose from:

For children:

Starting your Language Journey:

Level 1 – Genki English Pre-school – 45 min lesson – (focused on speaking and listening) 3 – 4 years
Level 2 – Jolly Phonics / Genki Phonics Intensive Course – 45 mins for Early Years (focused on learning to read and write) 4 – 7 years
Level 3 – Genki English – Pre A1 – Pre A2 level – (focused heavily on speaking and listening with some reading and writing and phonics skills) 5 – 9 years

Exam Preparation Materials:

Level 4 – Cambridge Starters (Pre- A1) 7 – 9 years
Level 5 – Cambridge Intensive Exam Preparation – Get Ready for Starters (Pre-A1) 7- 9 years
Level 6 – Cambridge Movers (A1) 9 – 12 year
Level 7 – Cambridge Intensive Exam Preparation – Get Ready for Movers (A1) 9 – 12 years
Level 8 – Cambridge Flyers (A2) 12 – 15 years
Level 9 – Cambridge Intensive Exam Preparation Flyers (A2) 12 – 15 years
Level 10 – Cambridge KET Exam Preparation 12 – 18 years
Level 11 – Cambridge PET Exam Preparation 12 – 18 years

From the Classroom and Beyond:

Level 12 – Ted Talks Pre-Intermediate (A2) 12 – 18 years
Level 13 – Ted Talks Intermediate (A2) 12 – 18 years
Level 14 – Ted Talks Upper- Intermediate (B1) 12 – 18 years
Level 15 – Ted Talks Advanced (B2) 12 – 18 years

For adults:

Starting your Language Journey:

Level 1 – National Geographic Life – Beginners
Level 2 – National Geographic Life – Elementary
Level 3 – National Geographic Life – Pre-Intermediate
Level 4 – National Geographic Life – Intermediate
Level 5 – National Geographic Life – Upper Intermediate
Level 6 – National Geographic Life – Advanced

From the Classroom and Beyond:

Level 7 – Ted Talks Pre-Intermediate (A2)
Level 8 – Ted Talks Intermediate (A2)
Level 9 – Ted Talks Upper- Intermediate
Level 10 – Ted Talks Advanced (B2)

Is it possible for my child to learn only speaking, without writing and reading?

Yes. As your child advances through our program they will move from focusing on listening and speaking skills, to being able to introduce themselves, know a wide range of age appropriate vocabulary, answer questions and use phrases, read, write and express age appropriate opinions in English, all with the aim of preparing your child for the Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET examinations and the World beyond.

Do you issue any certificate?

Yes, at the end of each level we can, on request, issue our in-house Certificate of Achievement.

Can I find out about and/or choose the teacher in advance?

It is not possible to choose the teacher. A teacher will be allocated to you or your child dependent on the level of proficiency and available time slot. However, you can find presentations, photos and biographies of our teachers on our website.

I do not speak English. How can I communicate with the teacher?

Do not worry. Our method allows us to teach without using your native language.
In regards to parents, you do not need to communicate directly with the teacher. You can attend the lesson, but only as an observer. If you still have questions, you can email our administrator who will be able to help you. Please note google translate may be used in responses from our teachers.

How long does one lesson last?

The duration of each lesson is 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the age of the student.

How many lessons do you recommend per week?

A minimum of 2 lessons per week is required when you register with Native English
School as this is the minimum number recommended to see visible results.

Do you set homework?

We do not like to set homework often as we prefer your child’s learning journey with us to be in a fun and unobtrusive form. We may occasionally mark additional files for download or printing to facilitate consolidation outside of class or we may set young learners fun challenges to complete at home for them to show in subsequent classes.

How do I register for the initial evaluation?

Simply fill in the contact form to register for your initial evaluation session.

How to cancel or postpone my initial evaluation?

You can cancel or move an evaluation session by emailing our administrator. Please note that cancellation or postponement can only happen once. If it happens a second time then there will be a fee of a standard 45 or 1 hour (depending on the case) lesson for your evaluation.

Can we change our teacher if we don’t like him/her?

Yes, it is possible but we will ask you to justify your request to find a new teacher as efficiently as possible.

Can I choose a specific teacher for the evaluation?

The teacher assigned to undertake the evaluation has been specifically
selected for this purpose.

Is it possible to change the lesson schedule every week?

No, you will be assigned to a fixed group and fixed hour which will be the same each week so it is not possible to switch and change to different hours each lesson. However, if you can no longer do your scheduled time we can look to move you into a new fixed time.

Is it possible to receive a refund for missed lessons?

No. Payment is made in advance for a block of lessons and missed lessons are not refunded. This policy enables us to keep our fees low for all learners and provides a level of commitment from you and/or your child to the teacher and to the dynamics of the group.

We are going on holiday. Will my payment for lessons during this period be refunded?

No. Groups are fixed at the same time, with the same colleague and the same teacher each week. To keep your place in the group, payment is still required.

If you wish, you can suspend lessons until you can return but you will need to contact us in advance. In this instance, your account balance will be frozen until you can return but we cannot guarantee the same teacher, time slot or colleagues.

In which cases can I get a refund for canceled lessons less than 24 hours before class?

If the lesson did not take place due to reasons beyond your control (disconnection of electricity, Internet, etc., or in the event of a child’s illness, you must receive and provide us an illness certificate from your doctor, or a written confirmation from your service provider that they could not provide a stable connection, etc.). If you provide us the written confirmation by email within 7 days the lesson will be credited back to your lesson account.

I have received a lesson cancellation SMS / teacher replacement SMS. Why?

There could be several reasons for this. Perhaps payment in advance of the lessons has not been made by you or it could be due to a change in the teacher’s schedule due to sickness or holiday. Please note that in this instance, wherever possible the lesson will not be cancelled, rather the particular lesson in question will be undertaken by a substitute teacher.

Please note that any lesson cancelled by the teacher or Native English School will be credited to your lesson account.

How do I pay for lessons?

After initial evaluation you will be advised on the appropriate group and a time
slot. On agreement you will then be emailed an invoice for the payment of the
first month’s lessons in advance. The invoice has a link to our online payment
platform in order for you to make the advance payment easily. This payment
process is repeated on a month by month basis.

When should I pay for lessons?

Payment is required in advance of lessons and not less than 24 hours before the start of your next lesson or the lesson will be cancelled.

How many lessons can I buy?

Lessons are purchased on a month by month basis and calculated based on
the calendar month at 2 lessons per week.

I bought a package of 8 lessons. How fast do I need to spend them before they expire?

The package runs for 1 month – 2 lessons per week, afterwhich the lesson package expires.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to continue with lessons once I have purchased a package?


I bought a package of lessons, and your price list has been changed. Will the number of lessons be reduced/increased?

No. From time to time we may increase or decrease our fees. If the price list is changed, the price or the number of lessons already obtained will not change. Please note that the purchase of the next package will be made on the new price list.

I want to transfer my credits to a friend. Can I do this?


Are there any discounts when buying packages with a large number of lessons?


Do you have installment payments?

Unfortunately, we do not provide installments. Lessons are held on a prepaid basis and are automatically cancelled 24 hours before the start of the lesson if payment in full has not been made.

Are there discounts for multiple children?


What equipment is required for the lessons? Hardware Requirements.

You will need:

• a laptop with an integrated camera or a desktop computer with an external webcam
• operating system Windows 7+ or MacOSX 10.10+;
• Google Chrome internet browser, which can be downloaded free of charge from http://chrome.google.com/
• Printer (desirable)
• a stable internet connection.
• a headset (headphones with a microphone) if desired;

Our recommendations:

• We strongly recommend entering your Virtual Classroom 5 mins in advance of class to conduct a test of the camera, microphone and Internet connection.
• Practice with your child to use the mouse/touchpad by clicking the “Annotation” button in the Virtual Classroom. This will allow him to easily draw and carry out teacher assignments.
• Provide the child a quiet and private space without toys and other distractions to aid focus.
• Provide the child with a bottle of water in case they get thirsty during class.
• Pen, paper and workbook if supplied.

Can we study from a mobile phone or tablet?

You can study using a tablet or phone with the Android or Apple operating system however we cannot guarantee the availability and quality of the lesson on a handheld device given that the screens are quite small.

I can not pass the hardware test. What should I do?

• Check if there is an internet connection.
• Check the browser. The recommended browser is Google Chrome.
• Check if the equipment is connected (microphone and headphones).
• Make sure that during lessons no one else is connected to wi-fi which might slow down the connection.
• Restart your computer (Windows OS may not have installed the downloaded updates)
• Reboot the router.
• Connect the laptop with a cable directly to the router to speed up internet connection.