Native english lessons in Bucharest.

Sign your child up for one of our courses and give them the opportunity to truly speak English like a native!

Pricing Packages KIDS / TEENS / ADULTS


group of 6 – 8 students
(8 sessions – 49 RON for 45 mins)

AGE 7+

group of 6 – 8 students
(8 sessions – 67 RON per hour)

Native English School, the ideal choice for parents wishing to prepare their child for the Cambridge exam!

Native English School believes that when we immerse ourselves in a new language this is when we truly learn and that is why we have tailored different lessons, clubs and activities to suit every age, level and style of learner.

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Our mission is to bring the classroom to life through fun and memorable lessons and activities, ensuring a fast and effective method of English language learning.

Along with preparing students for the Cambridge exams such as Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET and beyond using Oxford University Press, National Geographic and Cambridge materials, Native English School also uses revolutionary state of the art software programs such as National Geographic learning with Ted Talks (helping each student to find their voice in English) Jolly Phonis and Genki English (a TEFL teaching model that have been featured on TEDx, is Harvard University researched and British Council endorsed) to ensure all our students from around the World have the confidence to retain new words and and learn English fast!

Most importantly your child will be having fun whilst learning English with a native!

Small groups, a maximum of 5 or 10 children

We want all our students to make fast progress! And for that reason, our groups have a small number of participants so that the teacher can engage and offer the required attention to every child!

International teaching methods

Words such as “school” or “learning” can frighten students because of previous personal experience. Now, children and teenagers have the chance, through us, of learning while playing, having fun and taking the courses designed by innovators in education worldwide.

Native teacher, 100% native accent!

All our lessons are taught by native British or American Teachers and every lesson is fun and interactive! This way, our students master a native accent in a natural and effortless manner! Our belief: teaching must be fun all the time!

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I strongly recommend it! Samantha is a beautiful soul and so attentive to the kids! The activities are attractive, the kids are so relaxed and always happy about what happened at the English lesson.

Ruxandra Icobet / Facebook

Samantha is very dedicated, and the kids are learning native British English using games and creative activities. It’s a pleasant and relaxed environment, and the kids love to go there! I strongly recommend it!

Claudia Simen / Facebook

I am so happy for finding Native English School! It’s a welcoming atmosphere! I chose the Summer School lessons and I could notice the progress after the first week.

Ligia Soare / Facebook

Our teaching methods

Genki English (5-6, 7-9 years)

Discover the Genki world, a universe of games, songs and interactive lessons, all designed to help children to learn English fast! Genki English is an interactive software, studied by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Harvard University), Oxford University Department of Education and promoted by the British Council as one of the most efficient and fun methods to assimilate new information on vocabulary, grammar, and phonetics of the English language. Genki English comprises over 120 different activities, songs, games and photos with the goal of capturing the children’s attention and to motivate them to communicate in English.

National Geographic Our World (8 years +)

Native English School is inspiring children to learn British English using the National Geographic Our World series. These fantastic Cambridge preparation materials bring the classroom to life using fascinating real-World information that truly motivates young students to learn English, all whilst having fun. Get in touch today and secure your child’s place in one of our new groups (limited places available).

TED Talks (teenagers and adults)

The TED Talks began their tradition 30 years ago in California, United States of America. Over the years, iconic figures presented their ideas and life philosophies in speeches of around 18 minutes and through their depth and motivational power, influenced people all over the world. The TED Talks teaching platform is new to the market and Native English School is one of the only centres in Bucharest which is currently teaching their students with this state of the art English language learning material. Each unit is built around an insipriational Ted Talk and covers vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, discussion and debate to inspire teens and adults to truly find their voice in English!

Cambridge English Qualificationns

Cambridge English Qualificationns and tests are recognised by over 25,000 educational institutions, employers and governments around the world.  
Our unique approach makes learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding whilst also encouraging continuous progression with a clear path to improve language skills and to achieve success at exam level.  
Finally, our courses are designed to develop real-life English communication skills children can use for everyday life, work, study and travel. This also encourages and motivates learners because the skills that they are developing are not just for the exam, but for life.


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