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Native English School is exactly what the name suggests – a place where you can come to learn English with a native. A place where you can fully immerse yourself in the language through engaging, energetic and exciting lessons, clubs, or activities and truly learn how to pronounce and speak English like a native.

Pricing Packages for KIDS / TEENS / ADULTS


group of 6 – 8 students
(8 sessions – 49 RON for 45 mins)

AGE 7+

group of 6 – 8 students
(8 sessions – 67 RON per hour)

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English for business and travel?

Do you need to use the English language for your business trips or for traveling? Do you want to put a stop to those awkward situations when the conversation stalls because you can’t find the right words in English? Are you fed up of being the silent part at business meetings or the dinner table just because you don’t know how to express yourself in English? Do you want to understand the real English Brits speak so that you can get along like a native?

Fed up of wasting time on courses and getting nowhere fast?

There is a huge difference between the English language that you can learn from books and the one that natives use daily! The real English can still be a mystery even for the most fluent but rest assured that with our amazing courses you will no longer feel that you are constantly lost in translation. With the help of our experienced native Teachers and our Harvard researched and British Council endorsed software and materials, you will learn to speak like a native and you will learn fast!

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Immerse yourself in the English language with one of our native Teachers and discover how easy learning a new language can be! Sign up for one of our remarkable programs and learn all the tricks you need to be an ace in pronunciation and communication. Leave your fears behind and embrace your inner native!

TED Talks (teenagers and adults)

The TED Talks began their tradition 30 years ago in California, United States of America. Over the years, iconic figures presented their ideas and life philosophies in speeches of around 18 minutes and through their depth and motivational power, influenced people all over the world. The TED Talks teaching platform is new to the market and Native English School is one of the only centers in Bucharest which is currently teaching their students with this state of the art English language learning material. Each unit is built around an inspirational Ted Talk and covers vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, discussion and debate to inspire teens and adults to truly find their voice in English!

The National Geographic Life Program

Drawing on National Geographic content, Life transforms the learning experience into a fabulous journey with irresistible images, articles and videos that engage learners like no series before.  Life is an exciting six-level series that makes learning English an exploration of the world. It brings Life into the classroom through an interesting approach to critical thinking!

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